711 Million Email Hacked ! Is Your EMAIL HACKED? ৭১১ জিমেল আইডি হ্যাক হয়েছে আপনারটি আছে কি দেখুন।

 Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP) is a website that allows internet users to check if their personal data has been compromised by data breaches. The service collects and analyzes dozens of database dumps and pastes containing information about hundreds of millions of leaked accounts, and allows users to search for their own information by entering their username or email address. Users can also sign up to be notified if their email address appears in future dumps. The site has been widely touted as a valuable resource for internet users wishing to protect their own security and privacy. Have I Been Pwned? was created by security expert Troy Hunt on 4 December 2013. As of March 2016, Have I Been Pwned? receives around ten thousand daily visitors. As of February 2017, the site has over 1 million active email subscribers and contains records of over 3.9 billion accounts from over 227 data breaches. The primary function of Have I Been Pwned? since it was launched is to provide the general public a means to check if their private information has been leaked or compromised. Visitors to the website can enter an email address, and see a list of all known data breaches with records tied to that email address. The website also provides details about each data breach, such as the backstory of the breach and what specific types of data were included in it. Have I Been Pwned? also offers a "Notify me" service that allows visitors to subscribe to notifications about future breaches. Once someone signs up with this notification mailing service, they will receive an email message any time their personal information is found in a new data breach. In September 2014, Hunt added functionality that enabled new data breaches to be automatically added to HIBP's database. The new feature used Dump Monitor, a Twitter bot which detects and broadcasts likely password dumps found on pastebins, to automatically add new potential breaches in real-time. Data breaches often show up on pastebins before they are widely reported on; thus, monitoring this source allows consumers to be notified sooner if they've been compromised. In August 2017, BBC News featured Have I Been Pwned? on Hunt's discovery of a spamming operation that has been drawing on a list of 711.5 million email addresses. Technical Musharof

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