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To open a bank online, open a separate account. Banks will not be caught by the fraudsters. After withdrawing money from the ATM, press the 'cancell' button. Avoid ATM fraudsters The central cyber security officer warned the dormant to come to Kolkata.

The cyber security official said about online transactions in the bank, if these accounts are opened, the possibility of fraud can reduce if customers open two accounts in the same bank. Have money in an account. In the other account, the amount of money needed for online transactions, the same amount. Customers can save more money from fraud than if they do online transactions from the primary account instead of the original account. 

At the same time, it has been warned that opening of any bank's website is not open with the help of Google or any search engine. The website has been advised to open directly. In addition to the online transactions of the bank, the first is to give an incorrect password. If the wrong password accepts the website, then it is understood that the site is fake. According to cyber experts, the difference between fake and original websites can also be understood.
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